We understand your investment property is important to you, our experienced and specialised property portfolio manager takeS pride in caring for your assets, just as you do! We address four common landlord concerns here:

Finding the right tenant

Your RE/MAX First Choice is experienced and acts strategically in finding the best tenant for your property in the shortest time possible. In our experience, properties that are better presented, more professionally marketed, priced according to market conditions and represented by a professional agent, will rent more quickly.

Rent in arrears

If a tenant misses a payment, we contact them via telephone, email and SMS in four to seven days.  A Notice to Remedy Breach will be issued to the tenant on the eighth day of arrears (the legal minimum), giving them seven clear days to bring the rent up to date. If rent is still not paid within this time frame a Notice to Leave will be issued to the tenant giving them seven days to vacate the property.

Our intention is minimising any loss to the owner, so these actions are carried out promptly. We will communicate with you throughout this process.

A Notice to Leave will never be issued without discussing the situation with you first.

Proximity of property manager to the property

With almost 99% of all our prospective tenants using the internet to find homes online and the majority of our current tenants paying electronically can quickly and easily rent out properties in a very large geographic area. We can also very quickly assess rents in any given area to determine what the right amount of rent is for a particular property and our tested systems and powerful resources allow for your property to be managed and maintained and deliver the best possible financial return.

Landlords’ insurance

We recommend that the investment property owner has a landlord insurance policy in place, specific to the property. Landlord Insurance protects in the event of a tenant not paying rent, departing the property early or damaging the property. It also includes public liability and limited cover for contents (e.g. floor coverings, curtains). When choosing a policy, look at how well it covers for unpaid rent, liability claims, damage to contents and extreme weather, and check the excess conditions.

Terri Scheer Insurance is a recognised specialist landlord insurance provider.